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    Rental Income for Retirement In India

    Posted By :  admin  Posted Date : 01-09-2017  Last Updated: 07-09-2017

     Rental Income for Retirement In India 

    These are one of the investments which enable you to take care of your expenses as well as take care of inflation with time. This is one of the oldest asset class but this popular in a few category of individuals only. Mainly these can be divided in 3 segments.

    • Rent from Residential Property
    • Rent from Commercial Property
    • Rent from Service Apartment

    What is the benefit of Rental Income?

    Rental Income allows you to get monthly rental and you enjoy the fruit of capital appreciation with time. Rent from Residential Property is the lowest in its category.
    Then comes Commercial Property and at last you get best return on your value of investment from Service Apartment. These returns vary from place to place.

    Is there any Tax benefit?

    Rent from residential property comes under income from house property and you get statutory deduction of 30% on it. Rent from other class come in commercial activity. So you are free to deduct actual expenses.
    The appreciation from property is realized at the sale of property when you sell it. If the transfer is done after 3 years of purchase the gain is Long Term Capital Gain and allows you to get the benefit of indexation.
    What are risks in Rental Property? Generally a large portion of your net worth is invested in one property. There are some kinds of risks like: A. Dispute in title
    B. Tenant’s interest in the property
    C. Poor Maintenance
    D. Locality
    E. Irregular Rent
    F. Illiquidity – Difficult to sell
    G. Management with increasing age
    H. Liability because of tenancy
    Your big portion of total assets may break your confidence too.

    Is it suitable for Individuals?

    It is very difficult to say whether it suits you or not. It depends upon your past experiences and family values. Some families take it as business and some take it as it is not their cup of tea.

    If your family values allow this asset class for you, the second deciding factor is your situation. If your situation allows you to have Rental Income, you should go for this, but before planning your Retirement you must consider the opinion of your Financial Planner.

    You should plan your life in big picture to enjoy your Retirement with prosperity.

    Year 1 3 5 7 10
    Value of Property 7500000 9187823 10519138 12043361 14753665
    Rental Income 525000 607753 670048 738728 1032754
    Property value Growth -7% Rental Value -7% Rental Value Growth -5%

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