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  • 1.5 % Extra Return on SIP Every Year
  • Add Agent Commission in Your SIP
  • 30% Extra Maturity value on SIP of Direct Mutual Fund

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  •  Better College for Kid
  •  Early Retirement
  •  Better Life Style

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Direct Mutual Fund Calculator :-

Direct Mutual Fund Calculator is a tool designed by to help investors. It calculates maturity value in direct plan over and above regular plan. If you are thinking about investing through direct mutual fund in mutual fund, it is very simple and effective tool. It is user friendly, since investor can adjust value according to their investment.

After knowing the maturity amount you can improve your financial goals like- Early Retirement, Better education for children etc.

How to use Direct Mutual Fund Calculator:-

By using following simple steps, you can find out excess return in Direct Mutual Fund:-

  • Enter the current value of the existing investment.
  • Enter the monthly investment amount.
  • Enter the Time Horizon of investment.
  • Enter the expected rate of return.
  • Press the calculate button and find out the required amount of maturity.

Benefits of Direct Mutual Fund Calculator:-

Making life easier: - By using this calculator, you can find higher maturity value through direct investment. In this way you can prepone your financial goals. Investor can provide a better education to their children, can go for foreign vacations, arrange early retirement etc.

Easy to use: - It is very easy calculation so there is no need to be expertise in numbers and finance.

Difference between Direct plan and Regular pan:-

  • Return from scheme: - The difference in return of both plan is 1%-1.5%, which is year on year basis. This amount is very huge in long term.
  • Expense ratio: - The expense ratio in direct plan is lower than regular plan. So the direct plan provide high return.
  • Net Asset Value:- The NAV of direct plan is higher than regular plan in the same scheme

SEBI and AMFI Role in promoting Direct Plan:-

The securities and exchange board of India (SEBI) has issued a circular on 18 March 2016, which disclose about Distributor commission and salary of fund manager. Now fund houses have to mention distributor commission in half yearly common account statement. Investors can also take help of SEBI- Registered Investment Advisors for advising about MF investment by paying a fee.

Investors can also purchase online through Association of Mutual Fund In India Sponsored Mutual Fund Utilities (MFU). MFU provide online investment facility to MF Investor. First of all the the investor has to register themselves for using MFU.

Ways of Investment in Direct Mutual Fund Plan:-

  • Invest online through Fund’s Website.
  • Invest offline by submit the investment application form.
  • Invest by Mutual Fund Utility (MFU).