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Adad Fin Advisors Private Limited follows client 1st policy, we believe customers are beneficiaries of our work. We dare to reveal the principles for individuals and families. In our efforts to serve our mission we have created the portal to empower users with the drive SAHI KHARIDO. The portal is dedicated and committed to bring value addition for the users.

We are team of professionals from different industries and segments of society. The sole motto of our team is to work passionately to serve our mission.

Quality Policy

Our mission statement lies the basis of our quality policy, that is value addition across all the tasks for the purpose of customer empowerment.

Mission Statement

To add value in the life of millions of people by making them achieve their financial goals and making them prosperous with our expertise, diligence and commitment towards them.

Direct Mutual Fund Account

Planyourworld Online Direct Mutual Fund Account is the initiative to add value to the retail investors and investors with high net worth. SEBI introduced this plan for the benefit of retail investors in the end of year 2012, yet more than 85% retail investors invest through the intermediaries.

How many times should you share commission on a product sold once? Most of the families buy products without advice, this platform clearly makes difference by empowering people by helping them in getting up to 1.5% more returns year on year. If the investment is for longer period there can be extra maturity value of 30 - 40% over the maturity value of investments through intermediaries. This extra maturity means a lot for middle class – Better Education of Kids, Bigger Home, Better Retirement…….

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95% Investors have not invested in direct plans


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