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Why Plan Before Investment – Plan Karke Sahi Kharido!

Right Buying - Suitable
Plan karke sahi kharido. Buy suitable for you need


Every product is good, its your situation that decides the suitability of product in your situation.

One can save money by buying products on discount and features but its waste if the product doesn’t suit your situation.

Proper use of resource is more effective than just buying products on discount.

All of us want to have control on life by planning career, risks, loans, home, child’s higher education, retirement, vacation and many more. Generally we find different sellers and advertisement to fix these with some special products. People buy the products on special features and cheap cost. If you are offered tyre of Jumbo Jet Plane at special price of Rs. 1000, isn’t it cheap? Some people may think of buying to save money. Is it really saving or burning money?

What is good buying?

The buying which involves proper use of resources, what will you do with the tyre of jumbo jet? Buy a good product for your situation that adds some value in your life, buy at discount, only then the product is good for you

Buy Suitable Products or Services.

Do we ever buy face cream for shoes, Cough syrup for back pain? Your answer is obviously NO. While buying other products you always think of the use of product for you. In the same manner evaluate the use of product for your purpose / objective. In personal finance it has been observed that people buy products which doesnt fit or match for their situation. Here are some products category and their objectives

Life Insurance Risk cover to protect family for every single day of their life after you, not as investment.
Pension Plan To give Required Monthly Income After Retirement, not to fund wages of domestic help only.
Fixed Deposits To maintain Liquidity for a small period 1 or 2 years, not to invest entire money.
Home Loan Assist you in buying home, dont work for entire life to pay EMI for bank only
Tax Saving Save Tax and make returns on investment, dont just burn money for Tax Saving
Shares To make wealth by investing as promoter in business, not a magical tool


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