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Income Options After Retirement – Distribution Phase

Distribution Phase of Retirement:

In these years to live your passion, you use this retirement corpus to generate regular cash flow.

You get regular monthly or annual expenses in advance for your needs from investment of these assets.

Plans after retirement –Distribution Phase:

Immediate Pension Plans by Insurers:

At present there are a few insurers which give immediate pension plans, which give you a fixed pension from next month. From these plansRead More

Monthly Income Plans by Mutual Funds:

At present there are more than 35 Mutual Fund Companies which provide you Monthly Income Plans as a product to give you some Read More

Senior Citizen’s Savings Scheme by Post Office / Designated Banks:

This is the best investment in safe investments for retired individuals, backed by the surety of the Government.In India this is a CentralRead More

Monthly Income Scheme by Post Office:

This investment product is the part of Small Savings Schemes in India, backed by the surety of the Government. MIS is a fixed Read More

Fixed Deposits / Bonds:

These are one of the favourite investments of individuals of India. These are considered to be one of the safest investments ,although a lot need Read More

Rental Income:

These are one of the investments which enable you to take care of your expenses as well as take care of inflation with time.Read More

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